Eesti Tudengisatelliidi Sihtasutus (Estonian Student Satellite Foundation)
1 W. Ostwaldi st, room D601, Tartu, Tartu county, 50411 
Registry code: 90013271
Mobile: +372 53876020
Bank account: EE797700771001847368 (AS LHV Pank LHVBEE22)
The Estonian Student Satellite Foundation advances the Estonian space research and technology development by initiating flagship Estonian space missions and participating in satellite projects. The foundation continues and builds upon the heritage of the first Estonian satellite ESTCube-1.
The foundation supports the creation of the next generation of space scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs by providing hands-on education to students.
Our vision is to contribute to the space exploration and the future survival of humanity.
Anyone can contribute to our mission by making a donation to the foundation.